in your brand.

This masterclass will teach you how to develop your own brand strategy, at your own pace.


What you will learn

1.  A unique strategy for your brand

Understand the basic principles of brand strategy, structure your thoughts and formulate a powerful, crystal-clear brand strategy that inspires others and propels your business forward.

2.  Formulate a meaningful purpose

Challenge your own thoughts through specifically designed exercises that make you think differently about your brand. Use your journal to stay aligned with your north star, and no longer waste time on tasks that don’t bring you closer to your brand vision.

3.  Create a distinctive identity

Break free from the rules imposed on you by traditions and overcome patterns to achieve radical differentiation - your brand will be one of a kind.

4.  Connect with your customers 

Achieve a deep understanding of who your customers are and what they want - and build long-term relationships that go far beyond the simple provision of a product or service.

5.  Create an authentic brand personality 

Discover your brand’s personality traits and align your brand personality with your business goals and company culture.

6.  Tell a compelling story

Get inspired by world-class examples and use your brand strategy as the foundation that unifies your identity and values: allowing you to open up the future for your brand.



Ulrike is obsessed with brands.

It’s your brand, your story, your passion, your future. You should learn from the best. 

Ulrike Hirtzberger is an international brand strategist and works with clients from across the corporate and agency world at every level - identifying and perfecting their unique brand strategy. She loves to dig deep beneath the surface of brands to explore what gives them their power — and how that power can be tweaked, modified, increased.

In her Masterclass, she will teach you how to develop your own brand strategy and take your business to the next level. 


"I had a thousand ideas, now I have a plan." 


"You could spend years listening to podcasts or reading best-sellers on branding, or you could cut through the chase and get Ulrike’s Masterclass." 


"A well structured, hands-on approach to branding." 




Invest in your brand

  • Stream 3+ hours of video content in 6 chapters
  • Receive your personal high-quality 120 pages journal
  • Work through 25+ specifically designed exercises at your own pace
  • See theory in play with 10 world-class case studies 
  • Get insights from Ulrike’s branding experience

€ 760  50% launch discount

€ 380


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