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Welcome to ONE.OF.A.KIND, 
a Masterclass on brand strategy.

O.O.A.K. is a Masterclass designed for you to create your own brand strategy. You know your brand better than any outside expert: you are your own best brand strategist. 

Ulrike will guide you through the basics of defining a brand strategy drawing on her many years of experience. Each chapter mixes theory with real-world examples and includes case studies and exercises that give you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned to your specific business environment. Your personal journal will be your space to work through your responses. 

Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●Write it down, there is power in doing so. ●


Work through the O.O.A.K.JOURNAL 

The O.O.A.K.JOURNAL is an integral part of the Masterclass: It is your personal space to put down your ideas and structure your thoughts as you work through the Masterclass. As an illustrated book, the journal features exercises for each chapter and contains all relevant references and further reading. Use it as a sketchbook, notebook, workbook - carry it with you, it will be ONE.OF.A.KIND.

Every O.O.A.K.MASTERCLASS comes with one journal (free shipping)! 

Lesson Plan


What do you do and how do you do it?

Ulrike will take you through the process of self-definition, using techniques such as lifeline construction and the elements of value pyramid. We’ll also look at some key examples of businesses that have known exactly who they are and what their purpose is from the outset. You’ll drill down to a powerful, yet basic brand statement that encapsulates your own purpose — prepare to be surprised. Sometimes the most basic concepts are the most challenging. Don’t worry, Ulrike is here to guide you. This statement will be the foundation of everything to come. 



Why do you do it?

Ulrike will dig deep into the emotional aspects of branding. You care about what you do, and your customers should too. However, it’s often difficult for us to talk about our emotions, or why we connect with certain people or things and not others — blame your limbic brain. We’ll explore this usually-invisible layer through historical case studies that show us how branding has evolved from the beginnings of the Industrial Revolutions into the conscious, responsive brands of today. We’ll look at some techniques that will help you start building your own multi-dimensional brand narrative fit for the 21st century — and beyond.


What makes you different?

Ulrike will draw on her years of branding expertise to show you ways to find, and communicate, your business’s unique qualities. Even in a homogenous, highly competitive marketplace, there are creative methods you can use to distinguish your brand from others. Ulrike will explain techniques that help you think strategically and identify key markers that will persuade customers to pick your product over your competitors’. There’s always a way to zig when everyone else is zagging. 



Who are you here for?

Ulrike takes you through some of the formal and theoretical ways of categorizing customers, and explains why you need to dig a lot deeper into why and how your customers make the choices they do. Whatever business you’re in, the market is constantly evolving, and what made a customer pick a competitor last year might be an irrelevant factor within the next six months. Ulrike discusses how to gather data about your customers, how to use it to glean valuable insights, and how those insights fuel your always-developing brand strategy. There’s no such thing as a single “ideal customer”. Instead, you should look at generating an array of customer personas, character sketches of people who are likely to have an affinity for your brand. Ulrike also considers how you can establish your brand within a culture or a community, with an eye on building long-term relationships that will include a range of products, rather than filling a short-term market niche.


What’s your personality and what do you value the most?

Brand personality is based on a collection of traits, rather than a single attribute. These traits might be eclectic, but they’re consistent with an overall set of values. If it’s done well, your brand personality will engage with customers on a person-to-person level: your customers will instinctively know your values align and they’ll benefit from the connection. Ulrike explains how to harness abstract concepts such as emotions and instincts to create your brand personality. There are some major pitfalls to avoid: consistency and authenticity are key. You don’t have to generate a personality from scratch, you can begin with a recognizable archetype and build out the details. Knowing the narrative is also crucial: you can always attract an audience with a compelling story. If you want to be the life and soul of the party, your brand has to sparkle. Ulrike will explore ways in which successful brands have established a magnetic personality.



What’s your brand strategy?

Ulrike reviews the elements of brand strategy discussed so far and warns against developing these ideas into an empty collection of buzzphrases. A viable brand strategy goes far beyond a glossy brochure or pitch deck, replete with inviting images and glib slogans. The best brand strategies are on the raw side, always open to feedback, but offering a road map to you, your collaborators, customers and employees for years to come. Ulrike summarizes the main principles: your strategy needs a solid foundation, your understanding of what you do and why you do it, and a good sense of what makes your story compelling. You can ap- proach the actual creation of your strategy from different directions, depending on your own personality and intellectual preferences. You have the tools you need. It’s up to you. 



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